My name is Patrick and I’m a music junkie. I have had a problem ever since I’ve been a child with my first score being No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom. From there my problem started being a weekly habit, visiting my local record store to feed my habit. Once I got to high school regular albums weren’t enough. So i started experimenting with drums, guitars, bass guitars, and pianos, just playing them for hours on end sometimes. Enjoying how these things made my body feel, I started getting into movies and performing comedy. I try to do some open mic nights here and there but those are hard to come by.

I’m just a young professional still working on gaining more experience in everything I take on. I have had experience in the fields of IT Consulting, Information Security, Project Management, Marketing and Communications, and currently I’m gaining more experience in the field I hope to call my own very soon…Entertainment! From sound designing and original music, to script writing and acting, I’m always hungry to take on new challenges and will go to the farthest corners of the Earth to seek them out, as long as my iPod is with me.


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